Skaneateles Schools - Alumni Email Directory
PAGE NOT UPDATED AFTER AUGUST 1, 2014. Parkinson's getting to me.

Maiden-Married Name First Name Year Comment Email
Abrams Dorothy (Dottie) 1966 living in Clyde NY
Adams Henry 1960 Living in Livonia, NY
Albanese-Harding Toni 1967 Viva Las Vegas
Albring John 1984
Aldrich Donna 1979 San Francisco, CA
Aldrich James 1990 Living in Chicago
Aldrich Ken 1984 Birmingham, Alabama
Aldrich Robert R. 1980 Newburgh, Indiana
Alfreds Jeff 1990 Live East Syracuse w/wife and 3 daus. Also play mod rock band Culprit
Allis Doug 1980 Should have been class of 1980, but had to transfer...
Almstead-Stoughton Barbara 1947 Living in Midland, MI
Angus Jeffrey 1983 COmputer repair NE
Angyal Joe 1984 Live Stuttgart, Germany
Annal-Covert Teresa 1984 Living Syracuse; working Welch-Allyn; two boys, Peter and Kevin
Anthony Peter 1983 Living in DC
Ardia Deborah 1995
Armatas Alexander 1997
Armstrong Daniel J. 1992 Geologist, USGS field off., Lee's Summit, MO - lives in Independence, MO or
Arnold Robert 1960 Living in Johnson City, NY—Work for Siemens
Ashbarry Norm 1967
Atwater-Wells Susan 1965
Atwater Traci 1990 Elbridge, NY
Audlin-Honea Kari 1984 Live in Virginia Beach, VA, married with 3 boys.
Babbles Peter Jr. 2001 Living in Buffalo, NY
Babcock Allen 1969 Newark, DE
Babcock Walter 1968 Virginia Beach, VA
Bailer Dennis M. 1996 living in Skaneateles
Bailer-Brewer Eva M. 1982 living in Skaneateles Falls, NY
Bailer Kenneth R. 1964 living in Skaneateles
Bailer Robert K. 1994 living in Skaneateles
Bailer-Richards Tamara L. 1983 living in Marcellus
Baker-Estes Mary 1970 Skaneateles
Baran James 2000
Baran Michael W. 1964 retired from Goulds Pumps, living in Portsmouth VA
Barber-Mallory Sue 1975
Barnes Wes 1978 living in Southwest Virginia
Barnett Michelle L. 1989
Barnett-DeGraw Barbara 1956 Look me up when on Cape Cod
Barrett Susan 1986 Live in San Francisco
Barron Mike 1967 Living in Buffalo
Barron-Dudden Patricia 1965 Living in Owasco, NY
Barry Kevin 1968 Wellesley, MA
Bartels-Eli Debby 1969 Taught Spanish 20 yrs! Kent, OH
Bartlett Thayer 1932 422 Dellwood Ave., Dayton, OH
Barton Katherine 1997 Living in Arizona
Bastian David R. 1985 Living in Northern California
Bates Christopher 1981 in LA raising my 3 kids beach lover
Bates Peter 1979 Still traveling the world
Batlle Jim 1970
Beach David 1958
Beach-Owens Margery 1970
Beam Chuck 1973 Living in Auburn since 2003
Beaman Wayne 1969 Chesapeake, VA / Employer: ITA, International
Beauchine Michele 1992 Living in Boston, MA
Beauduin Roxanne 1990 living in Martinique FWI
Beaulieu Robert 1962 living in Moravia with my wife Mary Ann
Becker David 1971 Living in Union Springs, N.Y.
Becker-Brand Diane 1979 living in Baldwinsville
Bell Tom 1957 Living in Weston, MA and Nantucket; enjoying photography; taking up carpentry.
(Bellamy) Sherman Erin 1999
Bement Kimberly 1999 Graduated from SU in '03; working near Albany, NY
Bench-Sealover Amy 1994 Married w/2 kids in Red Lion, PA; Interpreter; in grad school
Bench-Pecor Moira 1993 Living in Orange, VT; engaged, two kids
Bench III Walter 1996 The Skipper at Skippers restaurant, Apex, NC
Benda Al 1984
Bender Eric 1972 Living in Atlanta, GA
Bender-Kortright Nancy 1970 now live in Mooresville, NC.
Bennett-Tracy Elizabeth (Betsy) 1986 back since 97 - married 03
Benoit Jeffery 1980 Family email address
Bertini James 1973 Denver, CO Hamlet100z at
Bertini Marianne 1979 Cortland, NY
Bettis-Wiley Sherry 1969
Bevier Elizabeth 1998
Bex-Wiggins Ellen 1959
Bills-McCalla Cora 1965 Now living in Celina, Ohio
Bills Tom 1974 Marietta, GA
Binns Brendon 1997 Alive and well In Skaneateles
Binns Jerry 1958 rollerblading in Hilton Head Is, SC
Binns Scott R. 1988 Married Nicole, 2 children, living in Camillus
Birsner Karen 1992 In Syracuse for a bit...
Bishop Linda 1976 Back in Skaneateles
Bishop Mara 1996
Blacking Charles 1958 Retired and in Aurora, Colorado
Blackler-Reynolds Anne-Marie 1978 Houston, TX
Blackman Jamie 2002
Blatchley Brett 1979 Moved to NC in 1977, live in Asheville with wife Judi, son Josh, daughter Emi. Software Engineer.
Borsuk Joe 1977
Bowling Brad 1988 Living in the Chicago area.
Bowling Lance 1987 Attended SCS, K & grades 3-11. Living in Houston, TX
Boyd Bob 1968 Living somewhere in Virginia
Bradley Erin 1992 Charlotte, NC
Bradly Ashford 1999 Williamstown, MA
Braun-Kubacki Denise 1976 Living in Stillwater, MN
Bredenberg Edward 1973 Married to Patti Brogden live in DE
Brenneman Jim 1983 Cartoonist & new Dad in Arizona
Brenneman Robert/Bob 1986 Live in Borodino Whenever I'm home spend most of my time travailing (work)
Brewer Audrey 1996 Graduated Elmira Coll.-BS/Nursing
Brewer Bob and Gail Palen Brewer 1970 Bob-Regional Mgr.-Fuel/Gail-Realtor
Brice-Cotter Betty Anne 1969 Bill and I live in Keene, NH
Brillo Eric 1986
Broadway-Babcock Shannon 1989
Brogden Patti 1973
Bronson Charles 1989 Married, 2 Kids, Living in Waterloo
Brothers-Robbins Kelly 1991
Brown Dave 1992 St Louis for a bit
Brown David 1979 Skaneateles
Brown Roger 2000
Brownlee-Michel Leslie 1995 living in Marcellus
Bryant Bob 1976 Back in Austin, Texas
Bryant-Marcarelli Holly 1977 Wahini in Florida
Bryant Judy 1954 lives in Auburn
Bryant Marc 1974 Starting new career in nursing, living in Erie, PA
Buff Kathryn 1985 living in Skaneateles
Buff-Lucas Laurie 1994 Brockton, MA
Bumpus-Healy Cathy 1980
Burhans Bill 1952 Returned from Russia. Living in Lake Kiowa TX.
Burleigh-Kretzschmar Linda 1965 Raleigh,N.C.
Burleigh William M. 1959 MD, Chief Clin Pathology, Eisenhower
Mem Hosp, Rancho Mirage, CA
Burns-Hotchkin Kathleen 1963 Living in Dubuque, IA
Butler-Drake Anastasia (Stace) 1983 currently in Memphis, TN; trying to
Butler David 1949 deceased  
Butler Gene 1947 deceased  
Buttolph Jim 1976 Living in New Hampshire
Butler John G. 1988 lived a lot in a lot of places. Settled in Winchester VA
Buttolph John L., III 1960 Brother of Ed, Ken, Jim, Christine - living in Lake Elmore, VT
Buttolph Ken "Doc" 1974 Skaneateles
Buttolph Lee 1993 Lives in Skaneateles
Byrne-Vieira Heather 1990 Living in Washington, DC
Byrne-Fisher Marilyn 1954 Living in North Carolina
Byrne Sean 1989 Now resides in Richmond, Virginia.
Cain Christine 1969 Living in Treasure Island, FL
Caines-Dresser Susan 1956 Residing In Rochester, NY
Cairns-Sullivan Elizabeth 1967 5 kids; Live CT and NH; Interests antiques and art; Hello old friends
Caldwell Jay 1990 gen mgr AMSpecialists; lives in Shelby Twnshp MI
Caldwell Jeff 1994 asst dir pub relations Va Dept of Transportation
Callan-Heinicke Candie 1975 Potomac Falls, VA outside Washington, DC
Campbell-Clarke Jennifer 1994 Live in Sarasota, FL
Campbell Robert (Rob) 1978 In Vestal, NY, since 1998. Married to Virginia (1982)
Cannon Edwin J. "EJ" 1986 Massachusetts
Cannon Kevin 1986 Orlando, FL since 1992
Canny Bartle 1981 Dialysis Social Worker, married, raising three sons in Wilmington, NC
Capron Jason G. 2002 Living in Syracuse, NY
Card-Bryant Karen 1980
Card Shirley 1980
Card William 1964 Living in Canton, NY
Carlson Scott 1982 living in Buffalo, NY
Carlton Don 1967 Retired in TN
Carothers Bobbi 1993 College prof in Louisiana
Carroll Charles 1960
Carter Jennifer 1995 Living and working in Syracuse
Chaffee Christopher 1995 Living in Marquette, Michagn
Chave-Keenan Mary Lou 1969 teaching vocal music in FL, Teacher of the Year 2001!
Checco-Gawlicki Mary 1968
Chernoff Becki 1995 living in Detroit Rock City
Chernoff Benjamin 1992 residing in Tipperary Hill, Syracuse
Chernoff Bill 1990 living in Syracuse
Chilson-Culleton Maggie 1964 Cape Coral, FL/Skaneateles
Chilson-Gillis Marcia 1959 Rye, NH
Christensen David 1970 Living in Pittsford NY (Rochester)
Christensen Linda 1972 Currently live in Washington, DC
Christine Cain 1969 Where did everybody go?!?
Ciabotti Jonathan 1992 Wheaton, Illinois
Ciccone John Michael 1997 Ithaca, NY
Clark-Rautenberg-Panko Beverly 1968 Pastor in Eustis, Nebraska (13 miles south of Cozad exit I-80)
Clark Don 1984 Onondaga, NY
Clark-Pinckard, M.D. (Linda) Kay 1965 When having a reunion? Phx, Az
Clark Robert 1958 20890 Wil King Road, Lewes, DE 19958
Clarry Randy 1986 Still in Skaneateles
Cleveland-Garver Megan 1995 Saratoga Springs, NY
Clingerman-Tiffany Bonnie 1975 secretary, teacher at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES drop me an e-mail
Close-Lehmann Karen 1958 Living in Vero Beach, FL
Cobb-Whalen Vicki 1975 I'm in Liverpool
Cochrane-Baker Sandy 1964 Massage Therapist, Alvarado, TX
Coleman Craig 1978 Virginia Beach, Va
Conners Mary 1959 Cincinnati area-would love a note
Conroe-Beall Connie 1979 Just moved to Somers, NY(Westchester Co)
Consaul Sheila 1976
Considine-Hinman Jane 1960
Considine John 1969
Cooper Greg 1995 Erie PA
Copeland Barbara 1976 Living in Atlanta
Corts Doug 1958 Living outside Louisville, Ky.
Couch Paula 1987 Fairport, NY
Couse Sara 1998 Graduate Lynchburg College 2002
Covert Frederick "Pete" 1981 Living Syracuse; Chemistry Teacher, PV Moore HS, Central Square
Covert Tara 1982 Making my home in Shortsville, NY
Coyne Bill 1970
Coyne Thomas P. 1973 Have lived in Rochester, NY since 1978.
Cox Jeanne 1981 Married living outside of Las Vegas
Cox-Fager Mary Kay 1982 Bay Pines Farm, Bishopville, MD
Cridland-Baum Nancy 1975 Living in Lititz, PA
Cross Adam 1995
Cross-Rogers Deb 1974 at home mother of 3; Memphis, NY
Cross Jim 1964 Still in Skaneateles
Cross-Bethke Sara 1994 living Derry, NH with husband Tim and beautiful baby girl; Hadley McCloe
Culleton-Holbein Deb 1987 Live in Skaneateles
Culleton Rick 1984 Austin, Texas
Dal Pos Devin 1979 Wife Linda sons Michael & Jonathan
Dale Elizabeth 1997
Danforth-Shaffran Ginny 1958
Dann Christopher 1982 Living in Virginia
Dann Jonathan 1987 Aloha! The Big Island rocks!
Dann Richard 1981 I now live in Reno, NV
DaRin Megan 1994 Living in Charlotte, NC
Darrow James 1991 Living in Brooklyn, New York
Datz Stephen 1974 married and living in Skaneateles with wife and daughter
Davenport Jim 1986 Living in Boston, MA
Davis-McNeil Carol 1971
Davis Martha 1980
Davis Thom 1992 still in Indiana but looking for a job at Bombardier
deFoster Nicolle 2001 Student at Hamilton College
DeLaney Michael 1976 Living in Portland, Oregon
Deacy-Estes Lynn 1973
Dean Peter 1970
Delaney-Dunn Lauren 1993 living in Santa Monica, California
Dennington Gary 1985 Bedford, Texas
Derbyshire-Detweiler Catherine 1976 Oldham County, KY (near Louisville)
Derham-Cifarelli Suzanne 1985 Living in Albany, NY
Derrenbacker-West Debbie 1970 Living in Wilmington NC, 2 sons and a daughter.
DeVinney Daniel 1982 living in Coxsackie, NY
Dickerson Scott 1992 Living in Alexandria, VA
Diehl James Gregory 1967
Diehl Jeffery 1993
Diel Erin 1993 Live in Auburn, teach in Seneca Falls
DiFiore Chris 1983 1054 Nesting Swallow Dr Jacksonville Fl
DiSalvo Paul 1987 yrs can't erase the memories -email
Dillon Natalie 1999 13 years was way too long
Dixon-Ashford Carol 1965
Dobies John R. 1977 Canandaigua, NY
Dobson-McGilliard Nancy 1950 living in East Lansing MI
Dove Martha 1975 Living in Boston
Dowgwilla Peggy (Peg) 1968 Hope someone remembers me
Downey William 1973 Living in Galveston, TX
Doyle-Borg Pat 1959
Drella-Spelts Traci 1987 Lives in Phoenix, Arizona
Drennen Rachel 1997
Droppa Larry 1972 Ellicott City, MD., own audio mfg. co.
Droppa-Wickham Peggy 1960 Grandma of 6, Elbridge
Dudden Norman H. 1965 living in Owasco, NY (retired)
Duque Fabian 1991 I am living in Bogota, Colmbia
Eberhardt Meredith 1997 In France for study abroad!
Edsall-Kornell Deborah 1966 Living in Lecanto, FL
Egert-Brons Amy 1986 Living in Vermont
Egert-Dobrovosky Janet 1985 lawyer, married to Tim, 3 kids
Eggleston Jennifer 1998 Washington, DC
Eichinger Dan 1974 Pleasantville, NY
Eichinger David 1974 West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University Professor of Science Education
Eichinger Douglas 1976 Living in Maine; Navy since 1976
Eichinger Mark 1983 Decorah, IA, Luther College Faculty
Elder Sean 1996
Emmons-Derricks Heidi 1994 Baltimore, MD – Interior Designer
Enterline John 1960 Retired US gov't; living in southern China
Erickson Chad 1994
Eriksson Anders 1985 Stockholm, Sweden
Estes-Robillard Donna 1973 Living in Auburn
Estes Rick 1969 Skaneateles NY
Evans Clair 1958 School teacher - 35 yrs. retired
Evans Dan 1990
Evans-Diehl Eleanor 1970
Evans-Aaron Janet L. 1968 Skaneateles, NY
Evans Kelly Sue 1993 1252 woodworth rd Skaneateles
Evans-Godfrey Laura 1962 Live in Elbridge, NY
Evans Matt 1993 Living in Saratoga Springs, NY with wife and daughter
Evans Wind 1976 living in Barrington, RI; married; two kids
Evener Mark 1998 serving in USAF, currently in Turkey
Evener Matthew 1997 lives in Auburn, works at Unity Employment
Fairs Rick 1970 Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Faustine Philip 1978
Feeney Susan 1969 Living Fulton, NY; Starting 29th year as School Counselor
Feldmann Scott 1978 Pres of the So Pasadena CofC: "Sue Dove of the West!"
Fentner-McQueen Lisa M. 1983 1120 Buckingham, Grosse Pointe Park, 48236
Fentner Martin N. 1983 Married,Living in White Lake, MI
Fesko Rick 1970 On the farm!
Fey Michael 1999 Skaneateles, NY
Finnegan Mike 1973 President of a Consulting Company
Fishell Jeff 1976 Richmond, VA
Fisher Beth A. 2000
Fisher-Huey Helen 1946 Skaneateles in summer. Yuma, AZ in winter
Fisher James R. 1953 Living in North Carolina
Fisher-Nguyen Karen 1971 US government linguist
Fisher Robert 1974 Living in Skaneateles
Fleig Bruce 1966 Living in Baltimore, MD, CBR Warfare Consultant
Flesher Dick 1968 currently in Chicago, taught for 30 yrs
Fletcher Todd D. 1975 Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic, Syracuse Fire Dept. I'll be retired in Jan., 2005.
Flummerfelt-Yokom Georgia 1995 Living in Skaneateles
Foeppel Bob W 1962 Lives in Colorado Springs, CO retired investor
Foley Bill 1967 Special Material Handler at Tucson Raw Sewage Depot
Foley Brian 1976 Sparta, NJ
Ford-Knight Jaime 1996
Ford Seward 1958 Skaneateles will always be home
Ford Thomas 1975 live in Philadelphia, PA area
Fraher Danielle 1999
Fraher Laura 1995
Frank Andrew 1986
Fraser-Hunt Joan 1960 Skaneateles
Frendak Rodney 1983
Frenzel Mike 1983 Living in Charleston, SC
Frese John 1958 living near Clayton, NY, a river rat
Fuller-O'Toole Cathy 1977 Class '77 reunion time
Furth Dave 1970
Furth-Norwood Gail 1965
Furth-Vanderbrook Patricia 1966 Living in Westlake Village, CA
Gannon Tim 1985
García Marcos 1996
Garretson Larry 1976 Charlottesville, VA
Garver Alan 1995 Saratoga Springs, NY
Garver Andrew 1997 Saratoga Springs, NY
Garver Michael 1987 Manlius, NY
Gaskin Robert 1974 Actually moved to Calfornia in 66
Gates Bucky/Bob & Sharon Kent/Kay 1958 Wedding 8/5/00
Gates Cindy 1974 living in la canada, california
Gates Robert P. 1981 Living in Willseyville, NY, married, and teaching history and economics.
Gates-Bonnier Sarah 1982 Living in New Albany, Ohio
Gavurnik Lisa 1982 Marcellus, NY
Gentry-Bosomworth Becky 1974 Pediatrician in Lexington, Ky. Married with 3 kids.
Gesin Jonathan 1982 living in Cortland, NY
Gesin Stephen 1980 South Florida
Gilfus Jr. Warren E.(Gene) 1971 Retired from NY State Office for Aging, 2 Empire State Plaza, Alany, NY 12222, Residing in Auburn, NY
Gillmore-Bronner Kelly 1985 Living in Cicero NY
Glanville-Hutson Elaine 1966 Live Sennett, married, 4 children, 4 g-children, work Fort Hill Cem., Auburn
Gleason Kimberly A. 1987 Live in Owasco
Glynn-Blake Georgiana 1954
Godbout-Thompson Mary 1979 Saco, Maine
Graceffo-Tardiff Christine 1979 Still in Skaneateles!
Graham John aka "Bob" 1963 '63 Watertower Painting Crew deceased
Graham Karen & Sky 1961 Happy in Mandana
Greenfield-Hole Mildred V. 1953
Gregg James 1974
Grennell Jeffrey 1984 Now living in Phoenix, Az.
Griffith Todd 1989 moved to FLA junior year
Grinnell Roger 1960 living in Burnsville, NC
Guerrette Corey 1998
Gundy Clarke Susan 1965 moved to Calif. in July 1964
Hackler Brooke 1999 Working in Real Estate near Albany, NY
Hadley Gillian 1992 Lakeview, MT
Haefele-Leigh Beth 1970 San Diego/ looking for Don Kearns
Haefele-Leigh Beth 1970
Haefele Greg 1965 Glendo, Wyoming
Haefele John 1983 live nashua NH; work for Coast Guard
Haefele Laurie Belinda 1985 architect in southern California
Hahn Chip 1992 Engineer Officer, US Army, Fort Campbell, KY
Hahn Daniel 1995
Hahn David 1955 Providence RI 02930
Hahn Margaret 1998 Living in Ithaca, NY
Hall Chris 1982 Living in Queesnbury, NY (upstate NY)
Hall William (Wilkie) 1968 in Michigan
Hambrecht Bob 1968 Lighthouse Point, FL
Hamilton Bruce 1961 Retired from 3M (34 yrs) to Salem, SC; 2 married sons
Hanigan John 1968 Charlotte, NC
Hanson-Stacey Cindy 1975 Judge/Atty in Atlanta. Miss Skaneateles. Email me!
Hardacre-Sell Marilyn 1952 Skaneateles, NY
Hardy Paula 1995
Hares Ed 1952 living in Mountain View, Arkansas
Hares-Banning Nancy 1963 selling real estate in Guilford, CT
Harrington Denis 1975 Chip - Historic Landmark Commission
Harrington Kathleen 1976 Skaneateles
Harrington Kelly 1978 Skaneateles
Harrington Mary 1981 Skaneateles
Harter-Coffin Donna 1982 Uxbridge, MA
Harter Eric 1982 living in Blackwell, OK
Harvey Phil 1970 Los Angeles
Harvey Tom 1960 Semi-retired. Construction Management. Mountain View, CA. 5 kids, 9 grandkids.
Hassell-Deskins Dawne 1980 Living in Cazenovia, NY
Hauver Scott 1987 Another Laker in Atlanta
Hayward-Albert Marilyn 1977 Living in Winchester, MA
Hawkes-Preston Hannah 1991 Living in Rochester; have 3 children
Heintz Greg 1965 V.P. of Construction, Las Vegas, NV
Heinz-Daniel Jessica 1992
Henegar-Friia Shannon 1999
Hennigan Chris 1989 Live Cazenovia. Work Caz Cntrl Schls as computer network tech. One son and one daughter.
Hemphill-Adams Linda 1964 living in Titusville, FL
Henegar James 1986 Teaching in the Northwoods
Hennigan Dan 1982 Returned to Skaneateles 1998
Herndon Lacy 1999 Hello Skantown!!!
Herrmann-Colvin Deborah 1984
Herrmann Robert, Jr. 1988 live in Elbridge, NY
Hess Doug 1979 West Hartford CT (Morris' Labor Day)
Hess Mark 1972 Skaneateles
Higgins Robert 1963 Living in Georgia; retired from Delta Airlines BOBCOYHIGG@BELLSOUTH.NET
Hoffman Paul 1977 Living in San Diego, doing consulting, 5 kids!
Hoffman-Levins Sue 1975 married with twins, living in Walnut Crk, CA
Holbein-Fesko Christine 1971 web site:
Holbein-Levin Heidi 1992 Live & teach in Saratoga Springs, NY
Holbein Jonathan 1985 Live in Skaneateles
Holbein Michael W. 1973 320 St Rt 21, Palmyra, NY
Hole-Geier Barbara 1978 Baldwinsville, NY
Hole-Gray Deborah L. 1975 living in Owasco, NY
Hole Jerald R. 1978 living in Baldwinsville, NY
Hole Terry L. 1985 living in Sharpsburg, GA
Homeyer Michael 1999 Wish I could go to college in Skan!
Honsaker Bill 1981
Hoover George 1985 Living in Westlake, OH
Hornung Mike 1967 Hi...
Horrocks-Kehoe Amy 1989 Whitney Point, New York
Horrocks-Halligan Melinda/Mindy 1997 Living in Greenville, SC
Horrocks Philip 1964
Horrocks Terry 1966 Lake Placid, NY
Horsington William 1965 retired IT director - P&C Foods, living in West Palm Beach, FL
Hosey Jay 1984 Golf Pro in Venice, FL Wife: Renae, Ch: Tyler & Bailey
Hosmer-Kjelstrup Rebecca 1988
Houghton Bob 1963 Summers in Oregon; winters in Bahamas;
Howell Kathryn (Kay) 1965 living in Oakland CA, actress
Howell Ted 1973 Living in Berkeley, CA
Hudgins-Leahey Kristie 1989 Evans, GA - Virtual Paralegal Business
Huey Howard 1946 Skaneateles summers. Yuma, AZ winter
Hughes Jason 1998
Hughes-Young Priscilla (Sil) 1962 Schenectady, NY
Hughes Tom 1960
Hughes William 1951
Hungerford Thomas 1972 living and working in Washington, DC
Hunt-Rauber Mary Ellen 1940 Dansville, NY
Hunt Matthew 1991
Hunter-Nickerson Deborah 1965 "Scottie" - Living in Clearwater, FL
Huse-Nunn Allison 1969 living in West LaHave, NS, Canada
Huse Patricia 1968 living in Douarnenez, France
Hunt Tim 1998
Isbell Beth 1976 Missionary. Budapest, Hungary
Isbell Ron 1972 Deceased 1981  
Jackson-Young Jacqueline 1971
Jackson-Pellock Michele 1992 Living in Birmingham, Alabama
Janeczko Rob 1997
Jaramillo Andy 1993
Jerva David 1965 Living in Mapleton, NY - south of Auburn
Johns Jackie 1988 St. Louis, Missouri
Johnson Dan 1989 Monroe, NC
Johnson Roger L. 1988
Johnson-Baumgartner Martha 1978
Jones-Stanton Barbara 1960 Living In Missouri
Jones Gary 1974 Chef at Walt Disney World for 17 yrs.
Jones Jeff 1981
Jordan Edward 1983
Joyce III George 1981 History Teacher in Wildwood, FL
Joyce Michael F. 1972 2081 E Lake Rd Skaneateles, NY 13152
Jurgensen-Morabito Karin 1980
Justian-Arthur Christina 1987 Living in Richlands, North Carolina
Kappesser Philip E. 1959 Living in NE Tennessee
Keating Jerry 1995
Keebler Tom 1971 Working for The Germans in Horseheads NY
Keesler Brian 1999
Kehoe-Cobb Kathy 1979 Living in Downingtown, PA
Kelly-Woods Jennifer   Columbus, NC
Kelly Terry 1989 Raleigh, NC
Kennedy-Gonzalez Larkin 1985 Married in L.A. 1st baby 9/00!
Kennedy Donald 1975 living in Shreveport, Louisiana
Kennedy Morgan (Mary) 1984 Back in Skaneateles!
Kennedy-Tumber Donna J. 1987
Kesinger-Sankey Cathy 1983 Living in Birmingham, Alabama
Kesinger-DeVinney Lisa 1985 living in Coxsackie, NY
Kilcoyne Michael 1999
King (Heichman) Gregory (Don) 1952 Elem.School Son of Charles/Betty
King-Jefferds Kelli 1987
Kirchner Hans Joachim 1956 Livin’ in Houston, TX and lovin’ it
Klimek-McCann Candace 1987 Fulton, NY
Klimek-Finch Diane 1979 Still in Skaneateles
Kopp David 1960 Living in Auburn, New York
Kortright Mark 1969 now live in Mooresville, NC.
Koruna William 1950s
Kubacki Jeff 1976 Denise Braun and I live in Stillwater, MN
Kula Scott 1977
Kunz Olaf 1990
Kurowski Adam 1993 Living in Wroclaw,Poland
Kurtz Russ 1987 now living in Grove City, PA
Labourdette David 1982 Living in Skaneateles
Lader Bruce 1966 Living in Aurora, NY
Lader Frank 1958 living in Rochester retired
Lake Chris 1995
Lake Julie 1999
Lamp-Detmer Debbie 1969 Attended Skaneateles 1965-1967; graduated Sioux City Central in 1969; now in Spokane, WA.
Lancellotti Felicia C. 1982 I'm to be married April 14, 2001
Langley-Rockwell Marjorie 1971
Larrabee-Ilmanen Ethel 1952 1145 DoveMeadow Rd Solvang CA 93463
Laskie Kyle 1993 Living in Los Angeles, CA
Lazos Inachos 1995 Studying for an MBA at MIT Sloan
Lee-Barnell Barbara 1967 Own "Accents...for everything" in Manlius
Lee David 1969 living in Skaneateles
Lee Ralph 1975 Living in Bonita Springs, FL
LeFevre Timothy 1979 Still living in the area
Legac Francis 1973 Saratoga Springs
Legg Chris 1976 Back in Skan after 21+ yrs Navy fun
Legg J. Andrew 1984 Skaneateles-Wife-Julie-Kids-Maddie,Ellie&Jack
Legg Stephen 1979 Currently in Dallas, TX; YEEEEHAAA
Lenz Bruce 1959 Edmond, OK
Leveroni David 1983 Now live in Albany, New York
Lindgren John 1982 Dallas, TX
Litterbrant Taryn 1995 Living in New Hampshire with husband and son
LoBello Martin 1978 Marcellus; teacher Weedsport high school
Lobello Tony 1982
Long-McElroy Colleen 1986 Live in Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area
Long Jay R. 1973 Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Loveless-Gray Lori 1983 Living in Orlando
Loveless-Seabury Kim 1985 Live in Old Chatham, NY
Lukawitz Jason J. 1992 Living in Nolensville, TN
Lukawitz-Pereira Rachel 1993 moved senior year; graduated from Auburn; living in Orlando, FL
Lyons Meredith 1994 Sydney, Australia
Lytle-Pape Joan 1981 Fredericksburg, VA
Maher Sara 1994 Living in San Francisco
Mahoney Jack 1976 Living in Albany, NY, Research Director at Rensselaer Polytechnic
Majka-Smith Mary 1983 Living in PA
Major Charles 1952
Major Mark 1983
Major Matt 1984
Mandeville Tim 1958 Sure miss Skaneateles!
Manilla-Major Martha 1983
Manning Holly 1993 living in Ithaca, NY
Marcoccia-Ramsey Elizabeth (Beth) 1976 Living in Vestal, NY
Marcoccia George 1980 Living in Charlotte, NC
Marcoccia-Oates Meg 1984 Living in Bloomington, IL
Marquardt Melissa 1982 Living in Boston, MA
Martini Brian 1992 Refocused in Ohio
Marx-Brown Lynn 1981 Skaneateles
Mason Todd P. 1979 attended Skaneateles 1971-1975 -- graduated Stowe School 1979 -- live outside Atlanta
Mathew Stefanie 1993 living in Washington, DC
Matson Jack 1975
Matson-Doan Kim 1992 Teaching in Auburn, NY
Matson-Woonton Shelley 1980 In Keene, NH w/ Jack, Kyle and Leah
Matson-Herrmann Sherry 1988 live in Elbridge, NY
Matthews John 1982 Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Maurillo Megan 1998 @UNCG
May Kenneth R. 1974
McAllister Lucy 1976
McAuliffe Chris (Sid) 1982 I'm back in Skaneateles....Why I know not
McAuliffe-Chiore Aimee 1991 Living in Syracuse
McCall Tom 1976 Living in South Orange County, California--loving the beach
McCarthy Jennifer 1991 Currently lives in NJ
McCauley-Foster Anne 1964 Moved from Skan in 1960--would have been class of 1964
McElroy Anne 1997
McElroy Molly 1995 PhD student in Champaign, IL
McGevna-McGrady Jennifer 1985 Greenville, SC
McGlynn John 1982
McGlynn Matt 1988
McIlvaine Andrew 1966 Bus Admin/Brd Sect, Cumberland Regnl Schl Dist-NJ
McLean Gordon 1980 Live'n in MaryLand
McLean Jim 1970 m. Deb Vandenburgh in 1972; livimg Cumming GA; sons Alex and Joe
McMahon Al 1987 Drop a note.
McNeil Corey 1996
McNeil Jack 1968
McNeil Kristy 1999
McNeil-Taylor Kathryn (Cassie) 1965 Living in Skaneateles
McNeilly Thomas F. 1956 109 Winnie Ave. Ravena NY
McMahon-Keegan Margaret A.(Peggy) 1971 Prosperous in Philadelphia, PA
McQuarrie Neil 1999
Merrill Don 1949 deceased
Merrill-Dermy Jan 1951
Merrill-Arthur Linda 1976 Florida
Mertens Jennifer (“Gigi”) 1987 moved to WI after fr yr; now in Tokyo, Japan
Meyer Jessica 1991 HS Special Ed Teacher Walton NY
Michaels Ramsey 1948 Living in Portsmouth, NH
Michel Jack 1964 Live in Oak Island, NC. with spouse Gay
Michel (Maturevitz) Kirsten 1985 - living in Northern CA
Michel-Taylor Pat 1968 Living near Atlanta with Brian
Miles David 1991 Currently in Houston, TX
Miller Erik 1995
Miller Janice 1981 Architect in Skan.
Miller-Cole Martha 1962 Living in Marcellus
Miller Mary 1971 New Haven, CT
Mitchell-Bennett Tara 1981 Carlisle, Ar.
Moe-Keefe Margaret (Margy) 1960 Live in Milton, DE
Monti-Rushworth Jackie 1986 living in Georgia
Monti-Draghi Lorraine(Lori) 1980 Living on Long Island
Monti-Erwin Mary Anne 1979 lives in Georgia
Moody-Richards Deborah 1981 55 Karen Court, Wading River, NY
Moore Julie 1996 Lives in Georgia
Morgan James T 1963 PO 1238 Pilot Point TX 76258
Morris Megan 1999
Morrissey Tom 1984 Living in Leesburg VA
Mott-Cobb Randel 1974 Resume/writing business in R.I.
Mott Steve 1979 Writer, Skan in the summer
Mott William A. 1994 Living in Rhode Island, 2 kids
Murdick-Alcock Michelle 1986 Elbridge, NY
Murphy Thomas 1978
Murray-Panepento Nancy 1988
Murray Jim 1967 Greetings from Washington, DC
Navin-Miller Patricia 1990 Living in Southern MD w/husband & 3 kids
Navin-Spronk Rebecca 1991
Nealon Anne 1994
Nealon James F. 1979 Live in Syracuse with my wife Eileen
Nettle Bob 1970 Shepherd, Montana
Nettle-Truswell Jeannine 1967 Has lived in Colorado with husband Bob since 1971
Nettle-Corey JoAnne 1974 Lives outside Boulder, CO married, two children
Nettle Paul 1973 has lived with partner in Atlanta, GA since 1988
Nichols Kevin 1966 Florida in winter & Skan. in summer
Nicholson Alexander (Brud) 1943
(Nilsen)Torsnes Kjell H. 1959 Exchange student, Norway; name change from Nilsen to Torsnes
Noble Christopher 1979
O'Brien-Murphy Julie 1978 Living in NH, four children
Odell-Daraghy Amy 1975 Salem, OR
Odell Daniel 1963 3221 Blue Mesa Drive, Divide, CO 80814
O'Neill-Tackley Maureen 1983
O'Neill-Snyder Pat 1968 Realtor in Skaneateles
O'Neill-Watson Peggy 1966 Living in Kingsport, TN
O'Neill-Stanford Terri 1977 Cytotechnologist/Education/Mom of 3
O'Toole Michael 1987
Ordon Gregg 1995 PR Specialist
Orner Robert 1978 Milford, CT
Orser Doug 1983 Living in Auburn, NY
Osborne-Riley-Culbertson Becky 1968 Dying for news of 1999 (30th) reuni
Osika-Michales James 2001 Live in Skaneateles, attend Cayuga Comm Coll, member of Mottville Fire Co
Ostrander John 1959 Fort Mill, SC (near Charlotte!)
O'Toole Michael J. 1987 Washington, D.C.
Padgett Dawn 2000
Padgett Robert 1998
Page Jim 1952
Page Mark "Mike" 1952 California since 1957
Palmer Pete 1978 Atlanta, GA - Trent Holly
Paolini James 1976
Paradise-Anderson Toni 1981
Parro Judy 1996
Paul-McKinney Robyn 1975
Pavlus-McLamb Holli 1990 Stem, N.C. (near Durham) HKMcLamb@AOL.COM
Pavlus-Norris Linda 1969 Onondaga Hill area Syracuse, NY
Pearsall Brian J. 1985 Rochester, MN since 2004; Manager in Food Service @ Mayo Clinic since 2006
Pechin Jeremiah 1990 In North Carolina, y'all!
Peluso Michael 1996 M.S. Program in Acupuncture at Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Penfield David 1979 Glad to be living in Skaneateles
Perkins-Gotsis Lisa 1990 Living in Skaneateles
Perkins Mike 1987 Living in Weedsport, NY
Perkins-Hilliker Tammy 1986 living in Indiana
Perreault Al 1966
Petura John 1964 Chester County, PA (SE)
Pierce Bob 1968 8 years to go in Ohio
Pierce-Maguire Diane 1965 Summers in RI, winters in FL
Pitman-Varnadoe Marjorie Elaine 1967 Living on St. Simons Island, GA
Place Martin 1999
Pollock Merydith 1991
Poormon Ben   PHX AZ
Porter Brandon 1993 Living in Seattle, WA working for
Porter Greg 1998 Skaneateles N.Y.
Porter-Richards Lori 1995 I am still in the CNY area.
Preis Carolina (Cari) 1992 From Brazil but in Germany for a while.
Price Win 1982 moved back to Skaneateles
Pullen Ron 1974 Pullen's Truck Center/Weedsport
Pultz Christopher 1984 Living in Fredericksburg VA
Putnam-Quick Allison 1989 Pittsburgh, PA
Putnam Bethany 1987 living in Asheville, NC
Pynn Kate 1987 Living in Maryland
Quigley-Klueber Maureen 1976
Quinn David 1974
Quinn Douglas 1988 Living in Northern California
Ralph Chris 1990
Randall Pam 1982   pjrcmd@aol. com
Raner Crystal 1983 Working for NATO in Norfolk, VA
Ray Bob 1957 I currently live in Northern Virginia.
Reagan Jamie 1999
Reidy Kaiti 1995 Obtained nursing degree in NM. Now in FL pursuing nursing.
Reilley-Safemaster Susan 1972 Live in Weedsport
Reilley Kristen 1992 Living in Charlotte
Reilly Justin 1999
Reilly Michael 1995 Web Developer/Systems Analyst for in Fort Worth, TX
Renfro-Schmaus Barbara 1968 34 Antes Hill RD, Clearfield, PA
Reynolds-Lincoln Lisa 1984 Skaneateles, NY
Reynolds-Smith Lucinda 1960 remarried, living in Skaneateles
Reynolds Matt 1994
Rich-Calder Barbara 1962 Living in New Hartford, CT
Rich Nan 1962 Now living in Sarasota, FL
Richards-Turton Becka 1993 Live in Camillus NY –have 3 kids!
Richards Dirk 1978 in Cincinnati, OH w/wife & 2 daughters
Richards Tyde 1976 Living in E. Longmeadow, MA
Richardson-Versace Abby 1989 teacher-living in Durham, NC
Ridgeway John 1977 18 Browns LN, Fair Haven, NJ 07704
Ridgeway Mark 1982 Living in Pittsburgh, PA
Rieman Chester 1982 Now in RTP, NC
Riley Kevin 1967
Ripka Suzanne (Jill) 1985 Living in Hanover, NH w/my 2yo son
Rittenmeyer Tracy 1988
Robertson Sara 1995 Working in Washington, DC
Robertson Scott 1989 Hello from Southeastern Wisconsin
Rodormer Katherine 1996 Working in Schenectady, NY
Roe Benjamin 1998 In the Air Force, traveling a lot
Rogers Ronald 1960 Live Dallas, Texas
Romano Chris 1988 ski bum — Stowe, VT
Romano-Sloan Lisa 1990 Still in the area
Rooney Talia A. 2006 2nd yr student Dickinson Coll, Carlisle, PA
Rose Gordon 1954 Left Skan in 1948 (after 6th gr) Now in Indianapolis, IN
Rosenberger-Marsh Wilhelmina (Willie) 1973 Living in Suffolk, VA
Roth-Temple Anne 1980 Living in Skaneateles
Rounds Sara 1994 Living in Skaneateles
Rudl-Carlson Jessica 1997 living in Colorado Springs, CO
Russell James 1953 living in nw Montana
Russell-DeShane Pamela 1982 Living in Richmond, VA
Russell-Rielly Susan Hoyt 1956 PO Box 3066 Palm Beach, FL 33480
Ryan Elizabeth (Liz) 1973 Living in Sacramento
Sackett-Reynolds Marty 1959 Retired in Big Canoe, GA.
Sagen Pete 1969 lives in Clay, New York
Santariello-Joy Anita 1971 RN BSN working on MSN, live in Camillus, love to hear from old friends
Santillo Adam 1995 Honolulu, Hawaii
Sawyer Kevin 1975 Living in Hewitt, TX
Scace Eric 1970 Boston, MA
Schaefer-Bolam Carol 1970
Schildknecht Kelly 1996 Columbus, OH; office assistant at The Ohio State Medical Center
Schramm Dale 1962 CPA in Kansas City, MO
Schultz Daniel 1986 Living in Toronto
Schultz Tom 1986 Financial consultant in Syracuse
Schwartz-Mullins Josey 1991 Huntsville, AL w/husb & children Bella, Caroline and Paige
Scott Alexander (Sandy)   Houston, TX; would have been class of 1967, moved to CT in 1965
Scott-Kasson Candy 1964 living in Troy, NY
Scott Kristine 1996 Working as a financial analyst
Scott Rick 1964 Middletown, NY
Sell Debbie 1980 Skaneateles, NY
Shadle Tim 1989 Class of 1989 web site
Shaffran John 1956
Shahan-Berk Becky 1979 5 Winter Drive, Hooksett, NH 03106
Shattell Daren 1974 Living in Syracuse
Sheldon Paul 1994 Skaneateles, New York
Sheppard Rick 1967 Living in Wilton NH
Sherman Garry 1977 Retired still in area.
Short Scott 1991
Sill Gerald 1962
Sill Gerald 1962 Live in Jefferson City, MO
Simmons Don 1960 faculty at Ithaca College
Simmons Gregory 1973
Simmons Mark D. 1971 Loving Florida; miss Skaneateles
Simmons-Horrocks Sherry 1966 Never left Skaneateles
Skutt-Jerva Renee 1973 Living in Rochester, NY
Slaght-Ramsey Bonnie 1962 Campground Owner, Fairmont, MN
Smalley David D. 1973 Living in Burlington and Stowe, VT
Smallwood-Herring Pam 1969 Seacoast NH
Smith Andrew 1996 North Carolina
Smith Graham 1980 Living in Skaneateles, married two kids
Smith-Partlow Judy 1961
Smith Richard M. (Dick) 1950 Houston,TX
Soprano Chris 1996
Soprano-Joyce Roberta 1971 Confidential sec. Wildwood HS, FL
Southern Joe 1959
Southern Kari 2000
Southern Michele/Missy 1986 Living in Clifton Park, NY
Southern-Clarke Peggy 1985 still in Mottville
Southern Thomas 1989 Living in Marcellus E-mail me!!
Spain Amber 1990 Living in Camillus, NY
Spain Jeff 1989 Live in Evans Mills NY, work on Fort Drum
Spaulding-Wright Pamela 1981 Living in Pittsford, NY
Spear John 1986 San Francisco, CA
Squires Jr Frank 1979 Living in Phoenix, AZ
Squires Terry 1962 Auburn, NY—still teaching music at State St
Staples-Altomare Selinda 1975 Living in Fairfax, VA
Steinwachs-Foland Kathy 1977 living outside Dayton OH - miss Skaneateles!
Stevens Laurie 1998 Indiana University
Stevens Thomas C. 1967 retired, moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Manchester, NH
Stewart Allen 1978 Living in San Antonio
Stinson John 1974 rooting for the Steelers since 2002
Stinson Michael 1966 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Stone Dave 1960
Stone-Wielgos Stephanie 1983 living in suburbs of Chicago, Il
Stregiel Jeffrey 1983
Sturdy-Brown Gail 1969 Living in Bernardsville, NJ with husband, Dex
Surdam Aaron 1993
Suttoni Peter 1982
Swayne-Marventano Janet 1961 Live in W. Henrietta, NY
Sweet Tom 1967 Living in Bedford, Ohio
Switzer-Deuel Cheryl 1965 Endicott, NY
Taggart Catherine 1991
Taggart Chase 1993 moving
Taggart Price 2000
Tallcot-Swords Merry 1956 Living in northern VA
Tallcot Richard 1965 Union Springs, NY
Tanguay André 1983 Still in Skan
Tardiff Alan 1977 Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ
Tardiff-Weekley Susan 1969 Living in Key West, FL since 1976
Taylor Brian 1969 Living in Duluth, Georgia
Taylor Daniel 1981 Living in Columbia, MD
Taylor David A. 1969 Sports field specialist, living on Onondaga Hill
Taylor-Duttweiler Eileen 1970 Work: Post-Standard; Live: Syracuse area
Taylor-Youle Kate 1979 lives in Skaneateles
Taylor Kelly 1992
Taylor Timothy M. 1969 Exec. Dir. of (Doris) Duke Farms Foundation
Taylor Vince 1978 Rhode Island
Teachout-Weaver Jennifer 1996 live in a suburb of Phila., PA
Teachout John 1983
Teasdale-Harvey Joanne 1990 Technical Writer in Seattle, WA
Teffar Walt 1970 Firefighter/Aemt Retired/ Manlius,N.Y.
Theurer-Michaelis Polly 1977 Alpaca farmer in Weedsport
Thomas Brad 1994 more sucessful than you
Thomas Michael 1997 Living in Poughkeepsie, NY
Thompson-Loomis Krista 1993 Living in Camden, New York
Thompson-Card Linda 1965 Living in Canton, NY
Thompson-Desens Sheila 1978 Living in Clifton Park, NY
Tokarz Daniel 1959 retired, Living in Syracuse
Tokarz Nancy M. 1962 retired from teaching living in fleeming N.Y.
Townsend Tricia 1985
Trevisan Jeanne 1976 living in North Andover, MA
Tulloch Jon 1987 VP Sales Software Firm. Living in Birmingham AL
Tuohy Jim 1965
Turner-Crump Judy 1963 Live in Pinehurst, NC
Turner-Howard Kim 1975 Tifton, Georgia
Turner-Carvey Marjorie 1994 Boynton Beach, FL; counselor Nat'l MS Soc.
Uzelac Douglas 1982 Live in Boone, North Carolina
Uzelac Greg 1981 Quincy, IL
VanDenburgh-McLean Deborah 1970 married to Jim McLean, 1970, living in Cumming, GA, two sons
van der Linde John 1987 Back in Holland!!
VanHoltz-Clarry Debbie 1975 Also still in Skaneateles
Vernon-Smith Cheri 1980 Prevention Spec Pungo Dist Hosp Behavioral Health Services, NC
Vetrano Mark 1983 Spark it up!
Voorhees Donald 1975 Moved in away in 73
Walker Bruce 1960 Living in Greater Tampa Bay area FL
Wall Jennifer 1990 living in Wilmington, NC
Wallace Charles 1985 Still in Skaneateles
Wallace-Kaufmann Jamie 1976 Living in Atlanta
Wallace-Fleming Nancy 1978 Living in Colorado
Walter-Laipply Karen 1959 Living in Englewood, FL.
Walters J. Todd 1976 East Haddam, CT and summers on Owasco
Walton David 1963
Walton Frank 1971 Carlyle, IL; Planner/Biologist, Corps of Engineers, St. Louis; wife Debbie & 3 children.
Walton-Fogarty Jaime 1984 Saranac Lake, NY
Walton Jeff 1983
Walton Phil 1983 living in Belmont, MA
Warburton Bob 1973 Atlanta, GA since 1979
Warburton Valerie 1975 Living in North Georgia
Watson Brent 1999 Saratoga Springs, NY; Software Architect and Entrepreneur
Watson Devon 1997 Saratoga NY, Entrepreneur:
Wegman Jake 1999 R&D eng. for Agilent, studying more EE at Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
Weil Todd 1992 Teaching and Coaching Lax at NYMA
Weinerth David 1972 Dallas, TX
Wellauer Bob 1984 Living in Austin, Texas
Wells Christopher 1989 Working on MD/PhD in Charleston, SC
Westbrook (Church) Johansen Gay 1963 Skiing at Snowshoe WV
Whalen Chris 1985 //
Whittingham Mark 1988 nka Uncle Mark
Wiggins Thomas 1959
Wilcox David 1981 NASA Proj. Mgr. living in VA
Wilcox-Hailey Valorie 1967 Dover, DE – Working on doctorate
Wiles Daniel 1980 Skaneateles
Wiles-Beck-Andersen Hattie 1977 Still in Skan
Wiley-Kot Carol 1962 I keep coming back
Wiley Joseph 1966 Still in Good ole Skaneateles
Williams-Johnson Gretchen 1988 Married to Dan, 2 kids, Monroe, NC
Williams Jay 1978 Chicago-Sarah Barbara Philip
Williams Paul K. 1989 Wash, DC & Balt, MD
Williams Richard F 1958 retired 101 Pineview DR Lakeside MT
Wilson Elizabeth 1985 Corporate Trainer, Burlington, VT
Wilson Nathaniel 1993
Wilson Preston 1996 Columbus, OH
Wilson-Finsthwait Sarah 1985 James 6/24/97 #2 8/30/00 =)
Winkler-Hill Veronica 1993 Assistant Controller – married with 3 kids
Wolff-Evans Liz 1990
Wood Emily 1981 Six Mile, SC
Woodford-Bateman Harriet 1959 224 N 2000 W, West Point, UT 84015
Woonton John Norman 1972 returned to manufacturing as a Plant Engineer for Plumb Pak in 2008
Wooster-Edwards Cindy 1976 Still here
Wooster Kenneth 1948 web site:
Wowistichinski Damien Allen 1975 Happy and healthy in Barbados!
Wright-Sheppard Bonnie 1961 gramma of two
Wuerslin Peter 1970
Yabe Yutaka 1991 Living in Japan
Yates-Levy Molly 1980 living outside of Philadelphia
Yensan Doug 1970
Young-Davala Georgia 1977 Living in Wilton, CT
Young Robert 1969
Yurco John E. 1957 Live near Weedsport after 10 yrs in SE Va. Still play sax (Skan Community & Civic Bands)

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